TEAK 21 Current News

International TEAKNET Conference in Costa Rica

TEAK 21 is preparing for the forthcoming International TEAKNET Conference in Central America, which is to take place in Costa Rica from 30th October to 5th November 2011.

New thinking and new practices are imperative if the tropical hardwood crisis is to be solved. One method is to develop mutually beneficial and workable schemes between private companies and the communities. These schemes would require a new order of cooperation. With greater linkages to community initiatives, certified private-sector undertakings and investment initiatives could emerge beyond their current status as profitable devices for a few, to become part of a powerful developmental tool with an increased capacity to provide a sustainable output of high-grade hardwoods, including teak, to satisfy local and international markets. TEAK 21 has prepared a paper for the conference which explores this aspect of teak development.

Assistance to TEAK 21 from Coillte

Coillte (The Irish Forestry Board) has kindly sponsored the work of TEAK 21. This has allowed the preparation of a pre-project proposal for a community support scheme in East Africa and Central America. The project itself would aim to support methods for achieving fair prices for community growers as well as certified produce in these regions with possible support from Irish and international development agencies. In addition, the assistance provided by Coillte has been instrumental allowing TEAK 21 to update the organisation’s website.

Society of Irish Foresters

Liaison between TEAK 21 and the Society of Irish Foresters is continuing. Discussions are underway about the possibility of a seminar and paper delivered to the Society by TEAK 21.