About TEAK 21

TEAK 21 is an Irish-based charity whose objective is to enhance processes designed to solving the tropical hardwood crisis

TEAK 21 is a Non-Governmental Organization launched in Ireland in 2001.

It achieved charitable status through its objective of promoting the planting, sustainable management and marketing of high-grade tropical hardwoods with a particular emphasis placed on the welfare of community growers.

Moreover, benefits are to be achieved through innovative techniques and in a manner that enhances processes designed to solving the current tropical hardwood crisis. (See Home

TEAK 21 derives its name from Agenda 21 of the 1992 Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit. The initiative also derives its name from teak (Tectona grandis Linn. f.), which represents the most important high-grade tropical hardwood species under cultivation.

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"Communities that grow teak and ensure a judicious selection of genetic stock, good matching of site and plant material and applying best management practices, are likely to produce a valuable final crop"

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“Old growth teak, like these trees in Indonesia, are becoming scarce; new teak and other high-grade tropical hardwood plantations of the right sort are urgently needed”

TEAK 21 was formerly known as TEAK 2000. The latter was established in 1996 in Amsterdam. This organisation was formed in response to a proposal of the same name (TEAK 2000). The proposal outlined a new approach to growing high-grade hardwoods to combat the tropical hardwood crisis by way of the Consortium Support Model or Scheme. Click here for more information

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